Blade and Soul

BnS Gold: The Blade and Soul Academy

World of Warcraft is the biggest MMO in the industry at present. It’s got a ton of amazing resources of information and there’s pretty much a mod out there for any purpose. It’s basically the dream of every MMO to have resources like this. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Blade and Soul. But with a fanbase as loyal as Blade and Soul’s, the community, without a doubt, is well on its way. And the proof is in the pudding or, at least, in the Reddit post: “Work in Progress Due to the amazing interest that we had when…

Blade & Soul Gold

BnS Gold: Blade and Greener with the Scenery

Blade and Soul is renowned for it’s amazing gameplay, but it’s also most famous for looking so damned good. The character models on for NPCs and player avatars are top notch with a crazy level of detail, super customizable limbs, and, of course, amazing “physics.” The only other element in Blade and Soul that can top its great character customization is found in the environment. Buy BnS Gold: Greener with the Scenery Spanning several different landscapes, each quest hub in Blade and Soul is a breathtaking experience with the types of scenery you could possibly find. Here are a few…