Blade and Soul

BnS Gold: Even NCSoft Has to Fight Off Lag

In a recent stream from Bethany Stout, or Liinxy as she’s known online, NCSoft’s Community Manager, was under a little bit of stress running the stream as she alt-tabbed to and fro from window to window. While it’s quite normal for mishaps to happen during any stream, one eagle-eyed observer caught a glimpse of how the emplyoees over at NCSoft actually play Blade and Soul. Yep, that’s right; even they use a latency-reducing program to run Blade and Soul and their other games. Blade and Soul Gold: Explains a Lot of the Unfixed Lag Since launch, tons of folks have been…


Blade and Soul Gold Sellers: Legit and Illegal

NCoins are odd things as they encourage Blade and Soul gold selling legitimately. Or buying, rather, as the case may be. Even then, it’s pretty surprising that, because of the legitimacy to buy BnS gold, NCSoft turns a blind eye to 3rd party gold sellers as the market is irreparably intertwined with them. A lot of smarter players have taken advantage of this precedent by using their economic know-how in obtaining some of the best gear through the use of Blade and Soul gold. Again, it’s both technically legal and illegal  depending on your sources but so long as you…