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Blade and Soul Gold as Destroyer

Last time, I shared to you guys about my pursuit of the best class to create that can farm Blade and Soul gold the fastest. This is in terms of finishing quests, dailies and other moneymaking activities in the game the fastest going solo. So yeah, let us continue the recap of the classes, now moving on to the Destroyer. Blade and Soul Gold: Destroyer Let us take a look at the Destroyer according to its definition in the Blade and Soul Website: True to their name, Destroyers have the most stopping power of any class in Blade & Soul….

Blade & Soul Gold

Blade and Soul Gold as Blade Master

Playing Blade and Soul, I do not know which class can make Blade and Soul gold the fastest. Fastest meaning which class can go through moneymaking quests and activities with the greatest of ease. So yeah, I did some research. I read some forums and guides but those didn’t indicate which class can produce BnS gold the fastest. In turn, I did further research. Blade and Soul Gold: Blade Master I decided to take a look on all classes from definition to different skills. I started to look at Blade Master because for me, it sounds as the most generic…

Blade & Soul Gold

Blade and Soul Gold: Why

To be honest with everyone, I am wondering why people still play Blade and Soul. Really, it is another one of your generic graphically good MMORPG. There are many MMORPG’s out there that fall in the same description. With the rapid advancement of technology, having only good graphics won’t merit a praise from players, more so to the stricter critics of MMORPGs. I heard also that the in game currency, Blade and Soul Gold and in-game prices inflates so bad, I think my opinion of Blade and Soul being subpar MMORPG stands. Blade and Soul Gold: Another Reason So, here…

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BnS Gold: The Blade and Soul Academy

World of Warcraft is the biggest MMO in the industry at present. It’s got a ton of amazing resources of information and there’s pretty much a mod out there for any purpose. It’s basically the dream of every MMO to have resources like this. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Blade and Soul. But with a fanbase as loyal as Blade and Soul’s, the community, without a doubt, is well on its way. And the proof is in the pudding or, at least, in the Reddit post: “Work in Progress Due to the amazing interest that we had when…


BnS Gold: Stall Tactics in Arenas

Stall tactics, in any game, is usually viewed with contempt. It isn’t illegal to partake in such a strategy, but it certainly is quite cheesy to do so as it entails waiting out an enemy or chipping away at their health bit by bit, overpowering them with your sheer endurance and/or HP pool. This is the basic concept of it and it certainly is no stranger to PvP in Blade and Soul. Around the BnS gold betting rings I’ve been around with in the game, people are the saltiest when they lost a bet due to one of the players…

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BnS Gold: Understanding Your Stats

Blade and Soul is primarily a skill-based game where you have to manually evade, counter, and block. There aren’t any passive evasion stats where you’d suddenly be able to dodge what really did hit you in the face in the first place. This makes it much more rewarding compared to other MMOs. However, you still need some basic understanding on how your other stats work lest you be confused as to why you are dying or why some of your attacks hurt so much. This is where you take a look at your actual statistics. BnS Gold: Offensive Stats Perhaps…

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BnS Gold: LFP Kick Function – Where is it?

It’s been months since Blade and Soul’s release and it certainly hasn’t gotten any closer to becoming a better game. While NCWest has been taking measures to ensure that the game is enjoyable for most folks once more, eagerly inviting them back with tons of QoL changes to the game, one of the most basic QoL functions still remain missing to this day; vote kicking. BnS Gold: Screw AFKers and Botters The biggest factor that ruined the Blade and Soul experience is that the game is littered with hundreds and thousands of bots. From questing areas to farming spots, bots…

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Blade and Soul Gold: Pay-To-Win?

Pay-to-Win (P2W) is an OBSCENELY broad term. It varies from person to person and from game to game. In World of Warcraft, apparently buying a mount is already P2W for some people. Go figure. But in games like Blade and Soul where the cash shop has the huge possibility of being a big, deciding factor in player progression, it gets a bit more nitty-gritty. Blade and Soul Gold: The Game is NOT P2W First of all, what is my definition of P2W? Well, that’s being able to use Blade and Soul gold and/or real money to purchase gear that would not…

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BnS Gold: 4 Man Desolate Tomb Catch Up System

It’s been quite some time now that NCSoft’s been dropping catch-up events to help other players gear up more and catch up for end game, making Blade and Soul less of a grindy game. It’s similar to how TERA was made to be more western-friendly compared to its Asian counterpart. This also helps a lot of new players getting into the game without being daunted by the massive amount of gear progression required simply to be eligible for basic end game activities. BUT it may be a bit unfair for older and more experienced players as they get nothing much…


BnS Gold: Costume Design Winner Announced!

The costume designing contest for Blade and Soul has recently come to a close and the winner has been announced! BnS gold swagger! It is revealed that user Yin Kuoi is the winner of this contest with, not one, but two costume designs for male and female bodies. This may have ultimately been the reason why this entry won as every other entry were only for a single gender or designed for both. It was Yin Kuoi who, not only kept the design feel well within the lore of Blade and Soul, but painstakingly designed two distinct and stunning outfits. BnS…