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The Blade and Soul Market

Blade and Soul is a not entirely compatible mix of fighting game and MMO. It garners mixed reviews, as some people really like it, but other don’t. Other more popular complaints are the long log in times, the RMT trader bots in the chat, the bad story/quests, and the free-to-play but pay-to-win business model. This causes some problems in the Blade and Soul market. The Blade and Soul Market It is common in MMOs to have an auction house where you can buy and sell things to other players. This is one of the tools of gold farmers, as some items…

Blade & Soul Gold

Blade and Soul Gold as Destroyer

Last time, I shared to you guys about my pursuit of the best class to create that can farm Blade and Soul gold the fastest. This is in terms of finishing quests, dailies and other moneymaking activities in the game the fastest going solo. So yeah, let us continue the recap of the classes, now moving on to the Destroyer. Blade and Soul Gold: Destroyer Let us take a look at the Destroyer according to its definition in the Blade and Soul Website: True to their name, Destroyers have the most stopping power of any class in Blade & Soul….

Blade and Soul

BnS Gold: Understanding Your Stats

Blade and Soul is primarily a skill-based game where you have to manually evade, counter, and block. There aren’t any passive evasion stats where you’d suddenly be able to dodge what really did hit you in the face in the first place. This makes it much more rewarding compared to other MMOs. However, you still need some basic understanding on how your other stats work lest you be confused as to why you are dying or why some of your attacks hurt so much. This is where you take a look at your actual statistics. BnS Gold: Offensive Stats Perhaps…

Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul Gold: Pay-To-Win?

Pay-to-Win (P2W) is an OBSCENELY broad term. It varies from person to person and from game to game. In World of Warcraft, apparently buying a mount is already P2W for some people. Go figure. But in games like Blade and Soul where the cash shop has the huge possibility of being a big, deciding factor in player progression, it gets a bit more nitty-gritty. Blade and Soul Gold: The Game is NOT P2W First of all, what is my definition of P2W? Well, that’s being able to use Blade and Soul gold and/or real money to purchase gear that would not…

Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul Gold: NCSoft has Done a Lot

NCSoft’s gotten a bad rap for these past couple of months that Blade and Soul’s been kicking it in the western territories. NCSoft this, NCSoft that; the list of complaints just go on and on. If it’s not the deflation of items for their Blade and Soul gold pricing, it’s some allegedly game-breaking “bug” that people can’t stomach. But one redditor points out that they all aren’t too bad as they’ve done a lot in the past to help the game, and community, thrive. A few of those points are outlined below: Blade and Soul Gold: NCSoft’s Achievements Thus Far…

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BnS Gold: Even NCSoft Has to Fight Off Lag

In a recent stream from Bethany Stout, or Liinxy as she’s known online, NCSoft’s Community Manager, was under a little bit of stress running the stream as she alt-tabbed to and fro from window to window. While it’s quite normal for mishaps to happen during any stream, one eagle-eyed observer caught a glimpse of how the emplyoees over at NCSoft actually play Blade and Soul. Yep, that’s right; even they use a latency-reducing program to run Blade and Soul and their other games. Blade and Soul Gold: Explains a Lot of the Unfixed Lag Since launch, tons of folks have been…


Blade and Soul Gold: Maintenance and You

“Starting on July 14, 4:00 AM PDT / July 14, 11:00 AM UTC, all servers will undergo maintenance for approximately 7 hours and 45 minutes. An in-game notice will be given 30 minutes prior to the maintenance starting. Below are the list of changes introduced within the update: Linked Server Groups Routine server maintenance and modifications” Welp! That’s a big chunk of time being taken away from us to enact routine maintenance and activate the Linked Server Groups feature that NCSoft announced recently. But, at the very least, Blade and Soul didn’t go down for maintenance the day before, as it…

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Blade and Soul Gold: The “Badly” Chat Bug

This might sound dumb and has no sense, but just hear me out. If you go into f9 right now and join a 3v3 group, you can crash the whole arena game which includes all 6 players by simply typing “badly” , We found this bug just now while doing 3s and tried it, it seems to be crashing everyone in the match. Im not sure NCSoft is aware of this, but can anyone else try it and give their results. Holy shit, what? What is this? Just when you start getting used to the bugs and exploits in Blade…

Blade & Soul Gold

BnS Gold: Costume Contest 2016

As a player, what do you think of the Blade and Soul costumes? Are they features that are merely there for cosmetic purposes and therefore pointless to spend time and BnS Gold on? Or are they fashion statements that give your character individuality, lets you tell a statement, and evokes a sense of coolness and respect with other players? If you believe that it’s the latter, then good news: two overlapping costume-related events are happening in Blade and Soul right now! BnS Gold: Costume Contest 2016 Rules First would be the Costume Design Contest 2016. And for this year, there…