Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul Gold: Pay-To-Win?

Pay-to-Win (P2W) is an OBSCENELY broad term. It varies from person to person and from game to game. In World of Warcraft, apparently buying a mount is already P2W for some people. Go figure. But in games like Blade and Soul where the cash shop has the huge possibility of being a big, deciding factor in player progression, it gets a bit more nitty-gritty. Blade and Soul Gold: The Game is NOT P2W First of all, what is┬ámy definition of P2W? Well, that’s being able to use Blade and Soul gold and/or real money to purchase gear that would not…


BnS Gold: Costume Design Winner Announced!

The costume designing contest for Blade and Soul has recently come to a close and the winner has been announced! BnS gold swagger! It is revealed that user Yin Kuoi is the winner of this contest with, not one, but two costume designs for male and female bodies. This may have ultimately been the reason why this entry won as every other entry were only for a single gender or designed for both. It was Yin Kuoi who, not only kept the design feel well within the lore of Blade and Soul, but painstakingly designed two distinct and stunning outfits. BnS…