Blade and Soul

BnS Gold: LFP Kick Function – Where is it?

It’s been months since Blade and Soul’s release and it certainly hasn’t gotten any closer to becoming a better game. While NCWest has been taking measures to ensure that the game is enjoyable for most folks once more, eagerly inviting them back with tons of QoL changes to the game, one of the most basic QoL functions still remain missing to this day; vote kicking. BnS Gold: Screw AFKers and Botters The biggest factor that ruined the Blade and Soul experience is that the game is littered with hundreds and thousands of bots. From questing areas to farming spots, bots…

Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul Gold: NCSoft has Done a Lot

NCSoft’s gotten a bad rap for these past couple of months that Blade and Soul’s been kicking it in the western territories. NCSoft this, NCSoft that; the list of complaints just go on and on. If it’s not the deflation of items for their Blade and Soul gold pricing, it’s some allegedly game-breaking “bug” that people can’t stomach. But one redditor points out that they all aren’t too bad as they’ve done a lot in the past to help the game, and community, thrive. A few of those points are outlined below: Blade and Soul Gold: NCSoft’s Achievements Thus Far…

Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul Gold: The “Badly” Chat Bug

This might sound dumb and has no sense, but just hear me out. If you go into f9 right now and join a 3v3 group, you can crash the whole arena game which includes all 6 players by simply typing “badly” , We found this bug just now while doing 3s and tried it, it seems to be crashing everyone in the match. Im not sure NCSoft is aware of this, but can anyone else try it and give their results. Holy shit, what? What is this? Just when you start getting used to the bugs and exploits in Blade…