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Blade and Soul Gold as Destroyer

Last time, I shared to you guys about my pursuit of the best class to create that can farm Blade and Soul gold the fastest. This is in terms of finishing quests, dailies and other moneymaking activities in the game the fastest going solo. So yeah, let us continue the recap of the classes, now moving on to the Destroyer. Blade and Soul Gold: Destroyer Let us take a look at the Destroyer according to its definition in the Blade and Soul Website: True to their name, Destroyers have the most stopping power of any class in Blade & Soul….

Blade & Soul Gold

Blade and Soul Gold as Blade Master

Playing Blade and Soul, I do not know which class can make Blade and Soul gold the fastest. Fastest meaning which class can go through moneymaking quests and activities with the greatest of ease. So yeah, I did some research. I read some forums and guides but those didn’t indicate which class can produce BnS gold the fastest. In turn, I did further research. Blade and Soul Gold: Blade Master I decided to take a look on all classes from definition to different skills. I started to look at Blade Master because for me, it sounds as the most generic…

Blade & Soul Gold

Blade and Soul Gold: Why

To be honest with everyone, I am wondering why people still play Blade and Soul. Really, it is another one of your generic graphically good MMORPG. There are many MMORPG’s out there that fall in the same description. With the rapid advancement of technology, having only good graphics won’t merit a praise from players, more so to the stricter critics of MMORPGs. I heard also that the in game currency, Blade and Soul Gold and in-game prices inflates so bad, I think my opinion of Blade and Soul being subpar MMORPG stands. Blade and Soul Gold: Another Reason So, here…

Blade & Soul Gold

Blade and Soul Gold: Skills Preview From Korean Version

It’s common knowledge that Blade and Soul came from Korea. And obviously, their version is a few months, if not year ahead of the NA or EU versions. So for dedicated players and forum frequenters who wish to have a glimpse of the game’s future, Blade and Soul KR is their crystal ball. And just two weeks ago, some activity has been spotted in Blade and Soul KR – new skills for each class. So, stash away that Blade and Soul gold, because here comes new bread and butter for some classes. While there are still no news on the…


Blade and Soul Gold Sellers: Legit and Illegal

NCoins are odd things as they encourage Blade and Soul gold selling legitimately. Or buying, rather, as the case may be. Even then, it’s pretty surprising that, because of the legitimacy to buy BnS gold, NCSoft turns a blind eye to 3rd party gold sellers as the market is irreparably intertwined with them. A lot of smarter players have taken advantage of this precedent by using their economic know-how in obtaining some of the best gear through the use of Blade and Soul gold. Again, it’s both technically legal and illegal  depending on your sources but so long as you…

Blade & Soul Gold

Blade & Soul Gold: Dungeon Group Requirements

Getting a group for a dungeon can be tricky if you’re the kind of player that solos through most of your MMO career. It’s not that it’s unique in Blade and Soul, because a lot of other MMOs suffer from this same sickness of item level carry or, in BnS’ case, AP level carry. The Sundered Nexus has recently come out and a lot of people are totally hyped to try it out. Unfortunately, it’s become a trend in Blade and Soul to ask for obscene levels of AP in order to join a group. Nope, I think most people…

Blade & Soul Gold

BnS Gold: Blade and Greener with the Scenery

Blade and Soul is renowned for it’s amazing gameplay, but it’s also most famous for looking so damned good. The character models on for NPCs and player avatars are top notch with a crazy level of detail, super customizable limbs, and, of course, amazing “physics.” The only other element in Blade and Soul that can top its great character customization is found in the environment. Buy BnS Gold: Greener with the Scenery Spanning several different landscapes, each quest hub in Blade and Soul is a breathtaking experience with the types of scenery you could possibly find. Here are a few…