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Blade and Soul Gold: Why

To be honest with everyone, I am wondering why people still play Blade and Soul. Really, it is another one of your generic graphically good MMORPG. There are many MMORPG’s out there that fall in the same description. With the rapid advancement of technology, having only good graphics won’t merit a praise from players, more so to the stricter critics of MMORPGs. I heard also that the in game currency, Blade and Soul Gold and in-game prices inflates so bad, I think my opinion of Blade and Soul being subpar MMORPG stands. Blade and Soul Gold: Another Reason So, here…

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Blade and Soul Gold: NCSoft has Done a Lot

NCSoft’s gotten a bad rap for these past couple of months that Blade and Soul’s been kicking it in the western territories. NCSoft this, NCSoft that; the list of complaints just go on and on. If it’s not the deflation of items for their Blade and Soul gold pricing, it’s some allegedly game-breaking “bug” that people can’t stomach. But one redditor points out that they all aren’t too bad as they’ve done a lot in the past to help the game, and community, thrive. A few of those points are outlined below: Blade and Soul Gold: NCSoft’s Achievements Thus Far…