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The Blade and Soul Market

Blade and Soul is a not entirely compatible mix of fighting game and MMO. It garners mixed reviews, as some people really like it, but other don’t. Other more popular complaints are the long log in times, the RMT trader bots in the chat, the bad story/quests, and the free-to-play but pay-to-win business model. This causes some problems in the Blade and Soul market. The Blade and Soul Market It is common in MMOs to have an auction house where you can buy and sell things to other players. This is one of the tools of gold farmers, as some items…

Blade and Soul

Blade and Soul Gold: Player’s Choice Costume Sale

We regularly rotate costumes in and out of the Hongmoon Store, and even bring some back from time to time. But if there’s that one costume that just got away, this might be your chance to vote and bring it back for a limited time! Voting is done in-game through the Survey window (found in the lower right) and will be available from June 29 to July 13 to vote on the below costumes. It’s multiple-choice, so feel free to vote for as many as you like. After the voting period ends we’ll tally the results, and then soon after…


Blade and Soul Gold Sellers: Legit and Illegal

NCoins are odd things as they encourage Blade and Soul gold selling legitimately. Or buying, rather, as the case may be. Even then, it’s pretty surprising that, because of the legitimacy to buy BnS gold, NCSoft turns a blind eye to 3rd party gold sellers as the market is irreparably intertwined with them. A lot of smarter players have taken advantage of this precedent by using their economic know-how in obtaining some of the best gear through the use of Blade and Soul gold. Again, it’s both technically legal and illegal  depending on your sources but so long as you…