BnS Gold: Understanding Your Stats

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Blade and Soul is primarily a skill-based game where you have to manually evade, counter, and block. There aren’t any passive evasion stats where you’d suddenly be able to dodge what really did hit you in the face in the first place. This makes it much more rewarding compared to other MMOs. However, you still need some basic understanding on how your other stats work lest you be confused as to why you are dying or why some of your attacks hurt so much. This is where you take a look at your actual statistics.

BnS Gold: Offensive Stats

Perhaps the most important stats for every player, Offensive stats dictate how much damage you deal, the type of damage you put out, and all those other baseline offense stats that every other MMO has. There are, however, a few more uncommon stats in the game.

First is Pierce, which circumvents an opponent’s Damage Reduction and makes your hits cut through just a bit harder. Next is Concentration, which reduces an enemy’s block bonus. After that is Mastery, which increases the length of time buffs stay on your character. Finally, we have the baffling Additional Damage stat, which…gives you additional damage. Somehow. It’s not really clear how, to be honest, but I bet all my BnS gold that this is something you’ll always want to have more of.

Blade and Soul, Blade and Soul Gold, BnS Gold, Guides, NCSoft, Opinion, Tips 1, stats, pvp, pve, skill, rating, ladder, season 2

BnS Gold: Defensive Stats

Like offensive stats, defensive stats are pretty much the same. You’ve got HP, Defense, Block, Evasion, Health Regen and Crit Defense. None of which, however, matter if you’re able to dodge and weave through every single attack your opponent throws at you. This is much more important in high level PvP and end game dungeons where there are just a lot of unavoidable damage due to player skill or boss mechanic. On the defensive side of things, there are a variety of stats that are par for the RPG course; HP, Defense, Block, Evasion, Health Regen and Critical Defense. My best bet that Blade and Soul gold isn’t going to save you if you’ve got crap stats for those unavoidable attacks.

About the only stats that require a little extra blurb might be Willpower, which reduces the duration of debuffs and the Evolved Defense stat, which improves your defense against “Evolved targets” that can be found at the Soulstone Plains. Mercifully, this particular defense stat can be buffed with some drums found in camps in the area for 101 Prestige. It’s an odd stat requirement, to be sure, especially since this particular target doesn’t appear to be located anywhere else as far as I’ve found.

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