BnS Gold: The Blade and Soul Academy


World of Warcraft is the biggest MMO in the industry at present. It’s got a ton of amazing resources of information and there’s pretty much a mod out there for any purpose. It’s basically the dream of every MMO to have resources like this. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Blade and Soul. But with a fanbase as loyal as Blade and Soul’s, the community, without a doubt, is well on its way. And the proof is in the pudding or, at least, in the Reddit post:

“Work in Progress

Due to the amazing interest that we had when we offered Learning Runs, Reach and Invalid Targets are working on an initiative to help new and unexperienced players.

While this is initiative is a work in progress, we will still continue offering Learning Runs, and doing our part for the Blade and Soul community.

As this is a free initiative, we are asking for help – anyone that might be willing to design or help code or even help test our website.

We are working on a BNS Academy website. The idea behind it is:

  • Sign up to teach learning runs – for anyone willing to dedicate their time to teach new and unexperienced players, can register their interests and what not, for
  • Sign up for learning runs – for people wanting to learn dungeons + mechanics, they get paired with people from teach the learning runs so they can get a group to teach them in fine detail
  • LFG page – where people can advertise to look for players for their groups, lets say you lost a person in your 4-man team, you can advertise. You will be able to sort your search by AP, Server, Class, 4-man or 6-man (including 24-man for future content)
  • Guide subpage – relating to NA/EU content, in one place, detailed guides put together through multiple sources, with animations explaining every tiny detail and graphics

Please note, this is a work in progress, we are still working through our ideas, and polishing out what we can do to help the community. If you have suggestions, please do post below.

Sadly, we don’t have one specific website that us NA/EU players are able to turn to. Hopefully, over time, we can make this just that.

Thank you.”


BnS Gold: The Academy!

With that said, go check them out! There’s plenty of learning to do in a game like Blade and Soul that range from dungeons, rotations, farming BnS gold, and tons of other stuff. It’s amazing that these people are taking the initiative

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