BnS Gold: LFP Kick Function – Where is it?


It’s been months since Blade and Soul’s release and it certainly hasn’t gotten any closer to becoming a better game. While NCWest has been taking measures to ensure that the game is enjoyable for most folks once more, eagerly inviting them back with tons of QoL changes to the game, one of the most basic QoL functions still remain missing to this day; vote kicking.

BnS Gold: Screw AFKers and Botters

The biggest factor that ruined the Blade and Soul experience is that the game is littered with hundreds and thousands of bots. From questing areas to farming spots, bots are everywhere just ruining the economy and the game in general. This extends, of course, in dungeons via the Looking-for-Party queue where there always seems to be some bot just not doing anything and leeching off the hard work of the others in the party. Sometimes, they may not even be bots but merely asshats that decided to afk for some free gear or BnS gold. This is and has always been a problem in the BnS community and NCWest still hasn’t done a single thing to do anything about it.


A simple solution would be to enable a kick function in these dungeons to get rid of these idiots and get a fresh replacement. However, NCSoft, in general, has been against this idea due to how “exploitable” it can be. It’s a moronic reason considering that tons of other MMOs have been able to maintain a system like this with only few issues. No one still has any idea as to what the real reason is, but whether they be reasons of laziness, ineptitude, or just plain dumbfuckery, the problem hasn’t been solved nor has it been close to being solved. If the game continues on like this, we may see far less players of BnS in the future. That would be such a sad fate for a game of such quality. Get to it, NCSoft, or else I’m trading in my BnS gold for WoW gold instead.

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