BnS Gold: Even NCSoft Has to Fight Off Lag

In a recent stream from Bethany Stout, or Liinxy¬†as she’s known online, NCSoft’s Community Manager, was under a little bit of stress running the stream as she alt-tabbed to and fro from window to window. While it’s quite normal for mishaps to happen during any stream, one eagle-eyed observer caught a glimpse of how the emplyoees over at NCSoft actually play Blade and Soul.

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Yep, that’s right; even they use a latency-reducing program to run Blade and Soul and their other games.

Blade and Soul Gold: Explains a Lot of the Unfixed Lag

Since launch, tons of folks have been having a lot of problems with latency and it’s only gotten worse with every new patch, minor or major. It’s safe to say that a lot of people have to resort to latency-reducing programs like WTFast! or LowerPing.

But it’s absolutely surprising to find that one of NCSoft’s employees, and an important one at that, has to resort to it as well just to play the game. This speaks volumes on how huge the latency and ping issues of Blade and Soul are and it certainly does not bode well for the community that loves it a lot.

Now it begs the question if NCWest has any real power over how the game is getting patched and if they’re even doing anything about their own ISP, as well as the game’s. These ping-reducing programs are actually heavily advertised in the game as well and it is telling that you can’t really play Blade and Soul at a high level without using them. That mystery is pretty much cleared as of now.

But what about the future of the game? Will we have to trudge through the mud of high ping and latency as we farm for Blade and Soul gold or some other innocuous goal we want in the game for years on end? Is this really it? I certainly hope not for the sake of the game and us players.

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