BnS Gold: Costume Contest 2016

As a player, what do you think of the Blade and Soul costumes? Are they features that are merely there for cosmetic purposes and therefore pointless to spend time and BnS Gold on? Or are they fashion statements that give your character individuality, lets you tell a statement, and evokes a sense of coolness and respect with other players? If you believe that it’s the latter, then good news: two overlapping costume-related events are happening in Blade and Soul right now!

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BnS Gold: Costume Contest 2016 Rules

First would be the Costume Design Contest 2016. And for this year, there are going to be new twists for the competition, so those who wish to join have to pay keen attention. Here are the rules:

  • When it comes to choosing a race/gender model, designers should go for any of the following:
    • One male and female model of a particular race must be used.
    • One gender-specific model for each race
    • All races are represented
  • Designs must have a front and back view of the costume.
  • Designs that share the same concept design but have more variation between the male and female models are going to receive judging preference.
  • Designers can add optional head and face accessories, but the costume must be able to stand without them when it comes to final in-game design.
  • Participants may choose not to include their design notes or inspirations, but the judges are very much interested in knowing the thought process behind the creation of these designs.
  • Artwork can either be hand-drawn or digital. And on a related note to this, the more important criterion for judging would be the design ideas and not the art quality. But of course, art quality still plays an important role.
  • To help designers, Blade and Soul has provided a template they can choose to use. Making use of the template – or not making use of it – does not affect judging.

So, what’s in it for you? Should you snag the grand prize, your costume will be included in the game, complete with tooltip and signature; $100 USD worth of Hongmoon Coin, and a Bamboo Costume and Bamboo Familiar set. And if you can only manage to be one of the ten finalists, you’ll still be receiving a Bamboo Costume and Bamboo Familiar set, as well as $50 worth of Hongmoon coin. Much better than Blade and Soul gold, I should say.

So, what are you waiting for? Start drawing and designing now. Who knows? Maybe this is your ticket to lots and lots of BnS Gold. And if you don’t win, then it’s okay; you can always buy BnS gold anyway.

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