BnS Gold: Blade and Soul’s Longevity

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Even with stiff competition from non-MMO games like the super hyped and legitimately good Overwatch, Blade and Soul manages to hang on for its dear life in the western gaming world. Amidst all the issues it’s been having (Lord knows it had and still has a lot), its fervent and loyal fanbase keep the grind on for BnS gold and the standard dailies.

BnS Gold: The MMO is Alive and Well

It just goes to show that the MMO certainly isn’t dead and still has players that prefer the genre over anything else. Combine that with Blade and Soul’s stellar gameplay, you’ve then got a recipe for success.

Blade & Soul gold, BnS Gold, Blade and Soul, MMORPG, Online game, Still Alive, Multiplayer, grind

However, Blade and Soul faces a bigger problem other than longevity. We get that it’s not going to go anywhere, but it still has to figure out a way to keep going up.

Right now, the inherent problem with Blade and Soul’s management is that there isn’t too much of a focus in trying to bring their older players back. By older players, I mean those that were initially supportive of the game when it first came out that have lost interest in it as time went by. But this is certainly going to be difficult for NCWest due to the fact that they can’t really sway from the coding and set patches that came from the original developers in Korea.

That, by itself, is what’s going to keep Blade and Soul in a vegetative state, stagnant and unable to grow due to the limitations of a system that was not meant to be used for the western demographic. Blade & Soul gold fountains via cash shop stuff isn’t going to help at all.

BnS Gold: There’s Still Hope Yet

At the very least, Blade and Soul is alive and kicking and shows no sign of dying off like some obscure titles out there. Proper maintenance and care for the players is key to maintaining this game’s lifespan and, altough the choices of NCWest are a bit iffy in the past few months, they’ve certainly done well enough to keep their current playerbase entertained and happy.

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