BnS Gold: Blade and Greener with the Scenery

Blade and Soul is renowned for it’s amazing gameplay, but it’s also most famous for looking so damned good. The character models on for NPCs and player avatars are top notch with a crazy level of detail, super customizable limbs, and, of course, amazing “physics.” The only other element in Blade and Soul that can top its great character customization is found in the environment.

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Spanning several different landscapes, each quest hub in Blade and Soul is a breathtaking experience with the types of scenery you could possibly find. Here are a few notable examples that simply can’t be topped by having lots of Blade & Soul gold:

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This place is pretty haunting, like a slow despair creeping up on you but, at the same time, it’s unusually calming. This particular image tells a pretty long story of the area, indicating how riddled with strife it is and how it once was probably a pretty popular dating spot. But with the evils roaming around the Blade and Soul world, it’s probably best to avoid it if you don’t throw magic from your fingertips or can eviscerate face with swords.

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I’m personally more partial to places with a shore of some kind because it tells me that there’s a great blue yonder from the little patch of green I’m starting on. Any good MMO knows how to percolate ideas and feelings in your brain, and this place hit just the right spot. Despite some invisible walls in the world of Blade and Soul, this is certainly a place I visit often for no real character progression reason. Also, despite this area reminding me how poor I was when I didn’t have that much BnS gold doesn’t bother me at all due to just how gorgeous it is.

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Finally, autumn has always been a favorite for me. The orange hue of the landscape in stark contrast with the hazy blue of the mountaintop and its structures create an absolutely dazzling immersive experience. This is probably the most screenshot worthy in my opinion.

A great MMO doesn’t only hold the hallmark of having good gameplay; it’s got to have a fantastic world to match up with it. What is, after all, the leading actor if he or she doesn’t have the right supporting cast? Check out the rest of the screenshots by a thoughtful redditor who shared his exploration throughout the world of Blade and Soul. No amount of farming for BnS gold is ever going to take precedence of the grandeur of the scenery.


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