BnS Gold: AP Requirements – Strict or Not?

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In a certain reddit post brought to our attention by a player who was publicly flamed on general chat, AP requirements in Blade and Soul are a huge thing that most players fuss over. Now, while I respect the right of people choosing who they want to run with, I don’t really subscribe to the idea of the stringent AP requirement for instances as anybody with half a brain can definitely take on the content of the game with the minimum requirements.

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BnS Gold: The Situation

“Now let me start this off with this basic disclaimer: I do not look down upon or think lesser of people with less AP. I’ve played this game since launch and just barely hit 600AP while F2P(Unless you count outfits) and know how hard and long the grind is, especially to new players.
Lately I’ve been joining a lot of rooms with people that have less AP than the requirement posted. This doesn’t really matter as much as I only really run 6-Man dungeons so there isn’t really a chance of failure, but joining a 550+ or 600+ room and seeing one or two people with anywhere between 50-150 less than the posted amount bothers me somewhat. I also make sure to check if these people are in the same clan/server as the other players before making a judgement on the matter.
1st Edit: I don’t have problems with people with reasonably advanced gear or stats such as crit to make up for some lost AP.
I join these rooms simply to run the dungeon faster, and although a lot of people say that it’s fine to have one or two, I’m sure that I’ve lost at least an hour or two in the last month or so with the amount I’ve been playing.
A part of me is bothered by these people that join the rooms, but another part of me feels bad to call them out on it. I, recently, finally decided to call out one such person by mentioning the room’s AP requirement in party chat, which caused everyone to quickly label me as an elitist.
So I wanted the opinions of people here while hiding behind my reddit Username so I don’t get swarmed in region chat like I did recently. Am I looking at this the wrong way?
2nd Edit: Let me clarify this slightly, I specifically mean situations where one person (who is not part of a group) is far below the requested AP/Stats/Gear advertised, for example someone with 450AP or such joining a 600+ fast run room. I also do not mind if it is a group of clan members or a friend carrying another, but would at least like clarification on the situation before continuing.”

It’s a bit interesting that there is an instant witch hunt for him considering he hasn’t really done anything wrong other than say the person that joined the group was not within the wanted AP bracket. There’s really nothing wrong with that. As much as it is annoying that real elitists discriminate with low AP scores, it is just as annoying as the AP SJW yelling out “elitist” to someone who certainly doesn’t deserve it. I bet you all my BnS gold that these people are just seeking attention. There’s nothing wrong with what this man did. Nothing at all.

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