BnS Gold: 4 Man Desolate Tomb Catch Up System

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It’s been quite some time now that NCSoft’s been dropping catch-up events to help other players gear up more and catch up for end game, making Blade and Soul less of a grindy game. It’s similar to how TERA was made to be more western-friendly compared to its Asian counterpart. This also helps a lot of new players getting into the game without being daunted by the massive amount of gear progression required simply to be eligible for basic end game activities.

BUT it may be a bit unfair for older and more experienced players as they get nothing much from these events. Farming the 4 man content like the Desolate Tomb, an absolutely beastly instance, nets them nothing more than measly lump sum of BnS gold. Why is that? Materials for upgrades and other crafting are so rampant now that the prices have gone way down and there are just so few other dungeons worth farming for a big pay off. But this is, of course, just talking about 4 man dungeons. 6 man dungeons, on the other hand, have much more rewarding outputs at the end that it’s sometimes worth the trouble of picking up two extra people just to run them.

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BnS Gold: 4 Man Dungeons Need to Get Buffed

My end point here is that 4 man dungeons, like in Desolate Tomb, have to get their drops tweaked a wee bit more to be more worth it to run. Granted, 6 man dungeons should definitely have more drops, but 4 mans just have to be more rewarding in the sense that they need to have the possibility to drop ┬áman stuff, just of a lower number. Getting 6 people on is basically almost a full raid in other MMOs like SWTOR and WoW, and it’s quite difficult to maintain a large group in an action MMO like Blade and Soul.

Either they buff BnS gold output for materials, raw drops, or specific items to drop, or they’ll see the downfall of the 4 man and have a more difficult time retaining their playerbase. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments section below!


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