Blade & Soul Gold: Dungeon Group Requirements

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Getting a group for a dungeon can be tricky if you’re the kind of player that solos through most of your MMO career. It’s not that it’s unique in Blade and Soul, because a lot of other MMOs suffer from this same sickness of item level carry or, in BnS’ case, AP level carry.

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The Sundered Nexus has recently come out and a lot of people are totally hyped to try it out. Unfortunately, it’s become a trend in Blade and Soul to ask for obscene levels of AP in order to join a group. Nope, I think most people don’t really care how much Blade & Soul gold you make in a day. You’re not getting in with 550 AP.

Blade & Soul Gold: Understanding the Community

I’d like to fault that to a degree because some players just like being carried. But only that. I get everything else. Most of the time, players asking for 600+ AP for dungeon runs, even in this new one, Sundered Nexus, have every right to ask for what sort of party members they want. After all, when you’re at that AP level, you’ve pretty much earned your bones and don’t want to have to go through the multiple wipes due to whatever reason. You just want your rare item to sell for BnS gold or whatever. You’ve been there, done that; I get it.

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Still, there’s got to be a way for the population of Blade & Soul to fix this mess. It’s very discouraging for newbies to get into group content when the standards seem impossibly high. People with the proper AP of 450-500 are well enough to finish the newest dungeon, but this is another bone of contention for higher AP players. It’s not that they don’t want anything lower than 600, but that AP level is LESS off a gamble. If a high AP players is decidedly bad and can’t do mechanics or i-frame anything, at least they’ll have enough DPS to smash onto the boss before inevitably dying, making clean up after their death easier for the better players. Now, imagine a lower AP player in that position and they won’t be of any use, period.

My point is, match making in Blade and Soul has to be improved or some mechanics have to change in order to help the community grow further. While I may have said that players have every right to pick and choose who they want to run with, further exposure to this “carry me” / “i can’t bother to help nubs” attitude will create and irreversible elitism. Either that or be prepared to buy BnS gold just to buy some carries from run sellers due to how bad grouping is in the game like it is in other MMOs.

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