The Blade and Soul Market

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Blade and Soul is a not entirely compatible mix of fighting game and MMO. It garners mixed reviews, as some people really like it, but other don’t. Other more popular complaints are the long log in times, the RMT trader bots in the chat, the bad story/quests, and the free-to-play but pay-to-win business model. This causes some problems in the Blade and Soul market.

The Blade and Soul Market

It is common in MMOs to have an auction house where you can buy and sell things to other players. This is one of the tools of gold farmers, as some items are very valuable. Anyway, for the pay-to-win model, the developers highly encourage players to spend real money for advantages. With this, players who don’t pay have a hard time catching up to those who paid. In some other MMOs players are able to sell cash shop items in the auction house, enabling the stingier players to catch up with some amount of gold.

I guess that’s why people buy and sell BnS gold. However, why don’t they just go straight to the cash shop of the game? Isn’t that easier and safer than the very easily scam-able player to player trading? Then again, cash shops items are usually quite expensive, and people could sell the items cheaper.

Anyway, the Blade and Soul market, the auction house, is a little confusing I guess? Players indicate whether the item they are selling is to be bid on or bought instantly. You search for the item you want to buy in a list of all the items available in the game, to see if someone is selling it. Then you buy it or bid on it, in which case you wait until bidding ends or you bid higher and higher until bidding ends.

Okay, so it was actually pretty simple.

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