Blade and Soul Gold: Why

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To be honest with everyone, I am wondering why people still play Blade and Soul. Really, it is another one of your generic graphically good MMORPG. There are many MMORPG’s out there that fall in the same description. With the rapid advancement of technology, having only good graphics won’t merit a praise from players, more so to the stricter critics of MMORPGs. I heard also that the in game currency, Blade and Soul Gold and in-game prices inflates so bad, I think my opinion of Blade and Soul being subpar MMORPG stands.

Blade and Soul Gold: Another Reason

So, here I was, searching for sources to confirm my opinion that Blade and Soul is becoming more trash by the day, came to a post in BnS subreddit. This is a post by YomieI. He shared how Blade and Soul and the company behind continues on disappointing him. Here it is:

Since the last maintainance.. i’ve been getting stutters/freezes and what it seems to be packet loss. My ping spikes the entire time and when it’s stable for like 1 minute, it’s 100 higher than it usually is. Now, I’m not the only one with this problem, many friends have had it too. There were never problems as bad as this before. And no, it’s not my cricketing ISP. Seriously, why should we have to rely on 3rd party programs like WTFast and stuff to make this game playable? And this is coming from someone living in Dallas, close to the NA servers.. can’t even imagine for you poor people who live further away.

Ncsoft fix yo shit /mad

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This is an isolated case, maybe. I know that we shouldn’t conclude Blade and Soul and its publisher or developer but certainly we cannot take this lightly. They should move fast about this. BnS Gold cannot be achieved if players cannot login or having a hard time while inside the game. So yeah, NCSoft, prove me or us wrong about this MMORPG.

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