Blade and Soul Gold: The “Badly” Chat Bug

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This might sound dumb and has no sense, but just hear me out. If you go into f9 right now and join a 3v3 group, you can crash the whole arena game which includes all 6 players by simply typing “badly” , We found this bug just now while doing 3s and tried it, it seems to be crashing everyone in the match. Im not sure NCSoft is aware of this, but can anyone else try it and give their results.

Holy shit, what?

What is this? Just when you start getting used to the bugs and exploits in Blade and Soul, there’s another thing out there that will surely ruin your gaming experience.

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Blade and Soul Gold: Ruined, Ruined

Yep, you read it right; typing the word “badly” within a 3s arena will crash the clients of all participating players, booting them out of the arena and giving everybody -50 rating for inadvertently leaving the match.

It’s beyond all comprehension that despite all the time you clocked in, all the Blade and Soul gold earned through blood and sweat, and hardcore grinding you have to endure, you are still met with a buggy game of unearthly proportions.

Seriously, “badly?” That’s all you have to type to destroy the fun of 5 other people doing 3s? How is this effective coding? How did NCSoft let this through the gates of QA?

The original redditor that posted this was clearly bothered enough to let other folks know so that NCSoft would act faster on the matter. It’s quite apparent, in recent months or, rather, ever since the game launched, NCSoft would only act upon something if enough people complained about it.

However, those on forums and on reddit have their Blade and Soul gold on NCSoft still NOT doing anything about this absolutely gamebreaking bug. Will we ever see an end to this tarnished, yet beautiful game? I’m throwing my BnS gold on the possibility that it can still get better, but, at this rate, it clearly doesn’t look like it.

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