Blade and Soul Gold: Player’s Choice Costume Sale

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We regularly rotate costumes in and out of the Hongmoon Store, and even bring some back from time to time. But if there’s that one costume that just got away, this might be your chance to vote and bring it back for a limited time!

Voting is done in-game through the Survey window (found in the lower right) and will be available from June 29 to July 13 to vote on the below costumes. It’s multiple-choice, so feel free to vote for as many as you like. After the voting period ends we’ll tally the results, and then soon after have the top 4 costumes available for purchase from the Hongmoon Store.

Blade and Soul Gold: It’s Totally Real!

It’s like NCSoft has been eavesdropping on my conversations in-game, as well as a ton of other players, who want some of those old RNG box costumes, but never had the chance, luck, money, or all three, to obtain them.

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A lot of people were pretty salty about how low the drop rate was for the fantastic looking costumes like Best Friend, White Night, and, of course, the Black Padded Coat. There were even some cases where some folks spent thousands of real dollars on loot boxes that never ever yielded anything but trash items that they no sooner sold on the auction house or even trashed them entirely.

If what NCSoft claims is true, the top 4 to be voted in this planned costume sale will be available, in its fullest form, in the Hongmoon store OUTSIDE of RNG boxes. Granted, I imagine that these will be rather on the expensive side as there’s no randomness in obtaining them, but it’s definitely a breath of fresh air for Blade and Soul. Hopefully they’ll also let these be able to be sold on the Blade and Soul market for BnS gold rather than only being available for real cash.

For cash shop items, there really should be more of an ease for players to sell those found in RNG boxes or outright purchases in the store for Blade and Soul gold. This costume sale is a step in the right direction, but they certainly could do more service for the players.


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