Blade and Soul Gold: NCSoft has Done a Lot

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NCSoft’s gotten a bad rap for these past couple of months that Blade and Soul’s been kicking it in the western territories. NCSoft this, NCSoft that; the list of complaints just go on and on. If it’s not the deflation of items for their Blade and Soul gold pricing, it’s some allegedly game-breaking “bug” that people can’t stomach.

Blade and Soul, Blade and Soul Gold, Blade and Soul Moonstones, BnS Gold, Bugs, Exploit, NCSoft, Opinion, Tips 2

But one redditor points out that they all aren’t too bad as they’ve done a lot in the past to help the game, and community, thrive. A few of those points are outlined below:

Blade and Soul Gold: NCSoft’s Achievements Thus Far

  • Monthly updates.
  • Drastically lessened the number of hackers/botters over time.
  • Constantly announced, showcased, streamed, and hosted Q&As, generally trying to keep people informed.
  • Threw in events to help people catch up.
  • Actually responded to feedback and added things that weren’t originally even in Asia servers:
    • Kept the Siren/Pirate weapon path intact for months, saving tons of Blade and Soul gold.
    • Slapped Asura’s Brand Resist on Awakened Oathbreaker Belt, and even reverted higher belt stages when people talked to support.
    • Modified the whole Gem Slot system to not downgrade anymore on reaching Silverfrost-tier weapon, again saving a lot of BnS gold headache.
    • Implemented methods to obtain Hongmoon Skills through Arena and Whirlwind Valley.
    • Removed Soulstone Plains Weapon Boxes.
    • Actually increased ways to obtain Moonstones, both directly and indirectly:
    • * Nerfed Soulstone Plain field mob’s HP, including Terror.
    • * Server Merge potentially flushing out more channels, and thus more Konta/Suljun/Grindtooth appearing. First week of merge had ~10 channels, and could have been maintained if people kept overpopulating all SSP channels after maintenance
    • * Added Moonstones to Mushin’s Tower Floor 14 and 15.
    • All these racking up BnS gold profits from selling and making it easier to buy.


At this day and age, gamers tend to complain a lot and take everything else for granted. Unlike the days of yore (circa 2004-2010), MMO gamers like having things handed to them rather than looking for ways to circumvent their perceived problems. NCSoft’s done a lot to help the game and community, but it just seems like the community isn’t too keen on taking advantage of this Blade and Soul gold opportunity.

Granted, it cannot be denied that the game still has a plethora of problems that need to be fixed that NCSoft still hasn’t fixed to this day since launch, but it certainly isn’t fair to say that they’ve done nothing. The company is still composed of just people and they have their limitations. However, as I’ve pointed out earlier, the gaming industry of this era isn’t as patient as the one found in pre-WoW EQ or even Vanilla WoW. Blade and Soul has time against it with a plethora of other games that MMO gamers can choose from.

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