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Blade & Soul Gold

BnS Gold: Costume Contest 2016

As a player, what do you think of the Blade and Soul costumes? Are they features that are merely there for cosmetic purposes and therefore pointless to spend time and BnS Gold on? Or are they fashion statements that give your character individuality, lets you tell a statement, and evokes a sense of coolness and respect with other players? If you believe that it’s the latter, then good news: two overlapping costume-related events are happening in Blade and Soul right now! BnS Gold: Costume Contest 2016 Rules First would be the Costume Design Contest 2016. And for this year, there…

Blade & Soul Gold

Blade and Soul Gold: Skills Preview From Korean Version

It’s common knowledge that Blade and Soul came from Korea. And obviously, their version is a few months, if not year ahead of the NA or EU versions. So for dedicated players and forum frequenters who wish to have a glimpse of the game’s future, Blade and Soul KR is their crystal ball. And just two weeks ago, some activity has been spotted in Blade and Soul KR – new skills for each class. So, stash away that Blade and Soul gold, because here comes new bread and butter for some classes. While there are still no news on the…

Blade & Soul Gold

BNS Gold: The Blade And Soul’s Soul Fighter

Gone are the days  when players still complaining about the lack of diversity when it comes to the classes they can choose. Because just two months back, the Warlock was released, giving players an additional or alternative spellcaster. And now, another kind of warrior is about to hit this Wuxia-inspired MMO world. Get ready to amass BNS gold because here comes the Soul Fighter. BNS Gold: Soul Fighter Basic Overview Those who want to give the Soul Fighter a spin should know that it is a hybrid class, a combination of the play styles of two different classes: the Kung…