October 2016

Blade and Soul

BnS Gold: The Blade and Soul Academy

World of Warcraft is the biggest MMO in the industry at present. It’s got a ton of amazing resources of information and there’s pretty much a mod out there for any purpose. It’s basically the dream of every MMO to have resources like this. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Blade and Soul. But with a fanbase as loyal as Blade and Soul’s, the community, without a doubt, is well on its way. And the proof is in the pudding or, at least, in the Reddit post: “Work in Progress Due to the amazing interest that we had when…


BnS Gold: Stall Tactics in Arenas

Stall tactics, in any game, is usually viewed with contempt. It isn’t illegal to partake in such a strategy, but it certainly is quite cheesy to do so as it entails waiting out an enemy or chipping away at their health bit by bit, overpowering them with your sheer endurance and/or HP pool. This is the basic concept of it and it certainly is no stranger to PvP in Blade and Soul. Around the BnS gold betting rings I’ve been around with in the game, people are the saltiest when they lost a bet due to one of the players…